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Murugi Munyi lectures Kenyan media for ‘disgusting’ Kabi Wa Jesus incest story

Digital content creator Murugi Munyi has blasted the Kenyan media for its coverage of fellow content creator Kabi Wa Jesus’ incest story.

According to Munyi, the Kenyan media made Kabi Wa Jesus appear to be the perpetrator, yet he is a victim of something that is happening in the society. Munyi was particularly upset with one headline that a certain local publication ran.

“This is a disgusting headline. He opened up about being sexually abused by family members as a child and this is the headline Kenyan media runs with? How about the bigger issue which is why and how does this happen to young boys in society still? How about he is the victim and should have been protected at that age!” read Munyi’s post in part.

She further said listening to Kabi Was Jesus’ revelation was quite overwhelming considering she’s a mother to a boy.

“I hate it here. I hate it here so much. As a boy mum, listening to @kabiwajesus speak brought me to tears. And I couldn’t imagine how difficult it must have been to experience this,” she said.

But the TMI podcast co-host had no kind words for the Kenyan media.

“Welcome to Kenyan media, where the victim becomes the perpetrator. The victim becomes the accused,” she said.

Kabi Wa Jesus was recently trolled online after he confessed during a sermon that he has slept with many of his cousins.

During a recent couples and singles kesha, Kabi confessed that he used to sleep with his cousins before he was born again.

The content creator narrated how in 2021 he was exposed for siring a child with a cousin, adding that it wasn’t just that one case.

In May of the same year, he admitted to siring a child with his cousin after months of denying the claims while insisting that the child was his niece.

Kabi apologised for concealing the truth and vowed to take full responsibility for the child’s upkeep.

“Most of you here know what happened last year and there was an incident of a cousin of mine coming out and she was saying we slept together and had a child,” he narrated.

“Before I got born again this was not an issue and she was not the first one. I have slept with so many others, what are you talking about? Mwenye alipata mimba huyo tu nido mnajua, otherwise praise the Lord,” he continued.

Incest is one of the most widespread cultural taboos in the world and is considered a crime in many countries. In Iran and Afghanistan, incest is punishable by death.