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Musalia blames Jubilee government for ‘impoverished’ economy

Amani National Congress Party leader Musalia Mudavadi has faulted the Jubilee government for what he termed as an “impoverished” state of the economy.

According to the former Deputy Prime Minister, the Jubilee government had embarked on a reckless borrowing spree that had increased government debts to unsustainable levels.

“It is wrong for a government to continue borrowing loans from foreign countries to fund huge projects at the expense of youth unemployment that is soaring each day,” said Mr Mudavadi.

The ANC leader spoke on Friday night during  a dinner organised by the Law Society of Kenya Rift Valley chapter at the Rift Valley Sports Club in Nakuru town.

“The economy is at the deathbed, it is depressed and in the Intensive Care Unit,” he said.


He urged lawyers to support the formation of the National Super Alliance (NASA), a movement he said will unseat President Uhuru Kenyatta in next year’s general election.

“NASA is the medicine for the corrupt Jubilee administration. It is a policy and issue based alliance that will unite this country and liberate Kenyans from bondage,” said Mr Mudavadi.

Mr Mudavadi also disclosed that he was courting Third Way Alliance’s Dr Ekuru Aukot in a bid to form a formidable alliance that will unseat the current administration.

“I am in talks with my brother Dr Ekuru Aukot to join hands with me in forming the Super Alliance that will take the leadership of this country,” said Mr Mudavadi.

He was accompanied by the LSK President Mr Isaac Okero and Law Society of Kenya Rift Valley chapter’s Mr Frank Mwangi.