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Musalia targets University partnership on policy formulation, public service delivery reforms

The Principal Secretary for the State Department for Parliamentary Affairs in the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary, Ms. Aurelia Rono, has announced the Office will collaborate with universities on policy formulation, public participation mechanisms, and public service delivery reforms.

The aim is to develop tools that will facilitate Whole-of-Government and Open-Government approaches in public service to improve the delivery of services to citizens.

During her visit to Egerton University, Ms. Rono expressed her eagerness to partner with the university as the Office implements its strategic plan. The collaboration will involve utilizing the expertise of universities in policy formulation, validation, public participation mechanisms formulation, and human resource development.

At the meeting, the Vice-Chancellor of Egerton University, Prof. Isaac Kibwage, requested the government to give universities priority when hiring consultants to help build institutions of higher learning. He emphasized that this would benefit not only universities but also contribute to the development of human resources in the country.
“As Kenya strives to fast-track transformational development goals, partnerships between institutions of higher learning and the government will be intensified,” she said.

“The combined efforts of both institutions in agricultural human resource development and environmental conservation will go a long way in enhancing the quality of life of Kenyans and preserving the environment,” she added.

In response to the PS’s request for land to plant trees to achieve the Kenya Kwanza government’s agenda of fifteen billion trees in ten years, Prof Kibwage offered the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary two acres of land. The PS welcomed this generous offer as it will aid in achieving the county’s tree cover target.

The collaboration between Egerton University and the OPCS highlights the importance of partnership between the government and universities in achieving the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BeTA). Ms. Rono acknowledged that universities like Egerton University are leaders in agricultural research and should assist the government in agricultural transformation, as the sector remains the leading employer in the country.

The Vice-Chancellor thanked the PS for her visit and reiterated his commitment to working with the government to improve the education sector in Kenya. Prof Kibwage expressed hope that this collaboration will be the start of many more partnerships between universities and the government for the benefit of the country.

“Egerton University remains committed to working with the government and other stakeholders to ensure the development of human resources and expertise in Kenya,” said the VC.

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