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Museveni: I earn a ‘meager’ monthly salary of Sh100k only – VIDEO

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has left many surprised his countrymen and women with his recent revelation that he only takes home a measly monthly salary of UGX3.6 million (about Sh100,000).

The 73-year-old Head of State made the revelation this week during a public address that was broadcast live on TV.

While using his salary as an example, Museveni defended his government’s decision to bring doctors from Cuba to work in the country.

He also justified the move to have science teachers being paid more than headteachers.

“I am the President of Uganda, President of Uganda gets UGX3.6 million shillings, that’s what I get, if you don’t know,”  said Museveni.

However, the former guerilla rebel pointed out that his meager salary notwithstanding his authority as the President of Uganda cannot be challenged by anybody.

“There are some public servants who get (earn) UGX 40 or 50 million (between Sh1.1 million and Sh1.4 million), you try to challenge my authority… you will see. Authority does not depend on salary, I have authority although I get a low pay,” said Museveni who has ruled the country for 32 years.

If these figures are genuine, then President Museveni could be the lowest earning African President.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, for example, earns Sh1.2 million a month.

His revelations have however been trashed by Ugandans on social media, who claimed Museveni salary might be low but he is entitled to many other personal benefits and perks which are significantly higher than the said salary.