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Museveni embarks on six-day 200km trek to retrace his steps to power

A heavily-guarded Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has embarked on a six-day walk through various towns and forests in the country totalling 200km.

The former guerrilla leader, who shot his way into power 1986, says this walk is crucial in retracing the steps his forces took towards capturing power.

“This trek helps to relive the moments during the liberation struggle that ushered in the National Resistance Movement. A time for me as well to re-engage with families, individuals, and communities that massively contributed to the peace of this nation,” said Museveni.

President Museveni is accompanied by old friends who helped him secure power plus hundreds of both uniformed and undercover armed security officials.

But critics have dismissed the exercise themed Afrika Kwetu as a public relations stunt by the 75-year old aimed at showing the world that he is fit enough to extend his 34-year rule.


“My advice would be, rather than spending taxpayers money on such trips. Museveni should know time is up for him to leave power,” said Bobi Wine, an opposition politician.

President Museveni intends to vie for a sixth five-year term in office during the country’s next general elections in 2021.

Opposition leaders Kiiza Besigye and Mugisha Muntu are expected to challenge Museveni in the elections.