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Museveni exposed by poorly ‘photoshopped’ picture of massive crowd

Uganda’s main opposition leader Kiiza Besigye is accusing President Yoweri Museveni of posting ‘fake’ crowds on his social media pages, as the popularity contest between the two politicians gathers pace ahead of the country’s general elections in 2021.

Besigye claims President Museveni – his friend turned staunch political rival – has been photoshopping images of crowds which grace his political rallies.

And to prove his point, Besigye highlighted a photo uploaded by Museveni on his Twitter page on Wednesday, which shows a vast majority of the crowd facing away from President Museveni, who appears to be addressing them.

Besigye’s observation seemed to have been supported by most of his followers even though the Head of State’s press secretary Don Wanyama seemed to – understandably – hold a contrary opinion.