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Here is Museveni’s ‘formula’ for good health and long life

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has lectured tweeps on how to live a long life just like him and not get sickly.

The long-serving Ugandan leader took to Twitter on Friday to declare that he has no time for sickness and has lived long because he is a teetotaler.

The tweet excited tweeps who replied to the President’s take on alcohol.

David Kabiru wrote, “Alcohol doesn’t kill people. People with guns kill other people.”

Moses Omollo added, “Haha, Mr President, alcohol makes people like slay queens so just keep it that way. Those queens are really cunning.”

Hillz wrote, “Pride comes before fall old ma, Thank God not thumping your chest.”

Joseph Lekirimpoto‏ added, “We thank God for your health, thank you your Excellency.”