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Museveni ready to host incarcerated ex-Sudan leader Omar al-Bashir

Uganda has indicated its willingness to offer asylum to deposed Sudan leader Omar al-Bashir in appreciation for his role in the South Sudan deal.

This even after media reports on Tuesday indicated that the 75-year-old former president had been moved by the army to the Kobar prison in Khartoum.

Describing al-Bashir as president even after he was deposed by Sudanese army last week, Uganda’s State Minister for foreign affairs Henry Okello on Tuesday hinted President Yoweri Museveni’s willingness to offer al-Bashir assylum.

“If Omar al-Bashir applies for asylum in Uganda that is a matter that can be considered by the President of Uganda,”¬†Okello said.


“President Omar Bashir was co-guarantor for the peace agreement of South Sudan, he has played a very critical role which we are very grateful and his asylum in Uganda is something we can consider,” he added.

Bashir was overthrown by the army last Thursday following several months of civil strife that was occasioned by deplorable economic conditions, ending his 30-year reign.

He has also been accused of failing to fight corruption and ruling Sudan with an iron fist.