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Museveni: How Kenyans liberated me from Coca Cola ‘addiction’

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni says the ‘sweetness’ of Kenyan milk helped him stop his additive habit of drinking Coca Cola.

Museveni made the remarks while emphasizing the need for integration of the East Africa Community during the second sitting of the 1st Session of the Fourth Assembly in Kampala, Uganda.

Museveni, who is a diary farmer at his famed Rwakitura Ranch in Western Uganda, stressed to the EALA members that free movement of goods in the region will help strengthen ties in the region.


“In 1965, Kenyans liberated me from Coca-Cola. The beverage was the only decent drink one would find then. One day, I came across packed milk, KCC from Kenya. I stopped drinking Coca-Cola and also began contributing to the prosperity of Kenyan farmers by consuming their milk,” the 73-year old President explained.

Museveni also told Kenya that Uganda had enough maize to solve the consistent drought crisis in the country.

“This integration is not about the leaders, but the people who produce wealth. Why do we talk about hunger while in Uganda for example, we have sufficient maize – about five million tons capable of sufficiently meeting our needs?” Museveni posed.

The government recently imported maize from Mexico aimed at arresting the shortfall of Kenya’s most consumed product.