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Museveni: My son’s friends are with him for the money

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni believes that people who hang around his eldest child and only son, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, are in it for the money and their own interests.

He also claimed that those who shifted their alliances to General Kainerugaba’s MK Movement were people who opposed his (Museveni’s) National Resistance Movement system.

On 1 June, President Museveni made his views public in response to some NRM-allied politicians who said they would join the MK Movement.

“Many of those who lost in the 2021 general elections have joined MK Movement. This is partly due to the weakness of NRM. Some of the frustrated youth go to this group because they think there is hope.”

Adding, “You remember when he celebrated his 48th birthday (in April 2023), there was some enthusiasm among some of the youths. When I analysed it, I could see that it was because of the weakness of our system.”

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“I could see that it was a kind of resistance movement within the resistance movement (NRM). … but of course one of the things that Muhoozi doesn’t know is that some of them are looking for their own interests. Some are looking for this, some are looking for that,” President Museveni said, according to the Nile Post.

His comments come weeks after he met with General Kainerugaba and members of his MK Movement at State House Entebbe in May 2023. During the meeting, President Museveni commended the movement for its efforts in bringing unity and cohesion to Uganda.

“While noting the efforts of the group in bringing unity and cohesion to the country, he spoke to them about the need for patriotism, Pan-Africanism and democracy in the socio-economic transformation of Uganda and Africa,” read a statement from State House after the meeting.

General Kainerugaba has been mobilising supporters through his MK Movement ahead of his possible presidential bid. He once issued and then retracted a statement saying it was time for young people to rule Uganda because their time was running out and being used by old people.

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