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Museveni resumes ‘personalized measures’ to curb Covid-19 infections

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has resumed his personalized stringent measures to prevent Covid-19 infections in the country.

In a post on Twitter, the 78-year-old Head of State shared details of a meeting he held with some dignitaries from whom he kept social distance.

Pictures from the meeting also showed all those present wearing face masks.

“H.E Susan Ngongi Namondo, the UN Resident Coordinator, and her group of UN agency Representatives visited me at Entebbe. I was pleased that they are willing to support us in our initiative to get the remaining 38% of our population out of ‘Okukolera ekidda kyonka’ (subsistence farming) to the money economy. We held discussions on various topics like the upcoming NAM summit, the refugee situation in Uganda, security in Eastern Congo, and the implementation of the PDM project, etc. I thank them,” President Museveni tweeted.

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His recent precautions come days after he was declared Covid-19 free after being taken ill for 11 days. The longest-serving East African president had gone into self-isolation after being infected with the virus.

“On the war with Corona, it is now confirmed that I am a veteran graduate of the war with that enemy. It has been exactly 11 days since the battle started officially on June 7th, 2023, on the day of the State of the National address. I had actually felt a mild pre-flu type of state on Tuesday, the day before. I had however ignored the symptoms until the following day when I had a slight running nose for a little while. That is when I called my doctors to take samples for checking,” he said in his statement.

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Curiously, news of President Museveni’s infection came despite observing all the Covid-19 standard operating procedures and even after he declared the country Covid-19 free.

Before he got infected, President Museveni observed strict Covid-19 measures, often observing great social distance on the lawn of his office whenever he was meeting leaders or dignitaries. He is also fond of wearing face mask both in private and public places.

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