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Museveni: Stop wasting time discussing whether I will rule for life

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has told citizens to “stop wasting time” discussing yet to be availed constitutional changes that would grant him a chance to rule for life.

Museveni spoke on Wednesday in the wake of increased speculation by the public and the media of behind the scenes efforts to scrap the Presidential age limit. The Head of State also suggested that those engaging in that debate at this time have “nothing to do.”

Now 73, Museveni is barred by the constitution from contesting another term in office during the forthcoming elections slated for 2021. The law has an age ceiling of 75 for presidential candidates, and yet the incumbent will be a year older at that time.

Said Museveni: “Those debating age limit, what are you debating? who has brought the proposal?”


“Don’t waste time with people who don’t have what to do. If there is a proposal about that, it will be discussed.”

There has however been talk of amending the constitution to ensure President Museveni has the chance to rule for life, with the Daily Monitor reporting last week that a section of legislators were each requesting for UGX 300 million (about Sh10 million) to vote for the proposal in Parliament.

President Museveni, who assumed power following a guerrilla war in 1986, has already benefited from a similar law in the past.

That was in 2005 where some MPs have accepted to receiving UGX5 million (About Sh160,000) each to remove the presidential term limits clause from the constitution.