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Museveni shows Ugandans how not to waste ugali

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has elaborately explained to Ugandans how not to waste ugali, in response to activists who have been protesting at how vulnerable families were starving owing to lack of food during the Covid-19 period.

Armed with a knife, maize floor and a plate of 1kg cooked ugali commonly referred to as posho in Uganda, Museveni, known for his humorous off the cuff speeches, demonstrated how 1kg of maize floor is enough to last a household for a number of days.

“I asked the kitchen staff to prepare 1kg of the maize floor from the food being distributed by the Covid-19 relief team. My intention was to understand how an individual can consume this food optimally during this period,” president Museveni explained.

He went ahead to cite a scientific conclusion that 250kgs of posho is optimal for consumption in this situation.

“This means that for 2.6kgs of posho, about 10 days are possible. The food should not be consumed wastefully,” he said.

President Museveni has also announced that all Ugandans aged six years and above will be offered free face masks in a bid to protect themselves against the spread of coronavirus.

He further announced that public and private transport will resume on June 2, 2020.