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Museveni ‘speaking to Russia’ to end war

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni suggests he’s ready to negotiate for a truce between Russia and Ukraine.

He spoke on Sunday in Kampala during a State of the Nation address broadcast live on national television.

The address was meant to highlight the reasons behind and possible solutions to the high cost of living.

But Museveni did not mention Ukraine.

“We’re talking to our friends in the West…the ones in Russia, UK and USA to end conflicts so that we end artificial commodity shortages. They all think they are powerful but if these people humble themselves a bit, wheat importers benefit,” he noted.

Museveni also maintained that those who cannot afford bread owing to the skyrocketing prices should seek alternatives.

“For bread, we can use cassava and bananas. For many years now, I don’t eat bread. I eat cowpeas, bananas, millet, beef & groundnuts. I made 78 years in September 2021 & I have been well. The only convenience we found in bread was in storage & transportation.”

Russia and Ukraine have been involved in war for the past three months, with the USA and UK getting sucked in.

As a result, the world has seen a high increase in the cost of commodities including fuel, fertilizer and bread.