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Museveni spends Christmas with his grandchildren

By Winnie Onyando December 27th, 2022 1 min read

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has shared a sweet memory of how he spent the festive season with his family.

In a post on his socials, Museveni shared a photo of him, his wife and grandchildren spending their afternoon on Christmas.

In the photo, the Head of State and First Lady are seen sitting in an open environment together with their grandchildren.

The nine grandchildren are seen listening keenly as they enjoy the cool environment around them.


Museveni is known to be a loving father, husband and grandfather.

While celebrating his 77th birthday in 2021, he praised his family for standing with him.

He even advised the upcoming generation to ensure they have a family where they can always run to when things are tough.

“Make sure you have families. Life without family is meaningless. I hear some people like it that way but this undermines the purpose of life,” he said.

Museveni has always praised his family for granting him happiness and fulfillment in life.

“I get a lot of happiness and purpose from my family. It is eternity, you pass on the torch. It is a part of eternity to have children,” he said, adding that they must also work for wealth. This however, he said cannot happen if you don’t love and fear God,” he added.

Christmas celebrations are the times when families get together to strengthen their bond and reconnect.

Through these seasons, children visit their grandparents where they are taught various things.

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