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Museveni to ban hoodies after brutal murder of Ugandan MP – VIDEO

Wearing of hoodies while driving vehicles as well as riding bicycles or motorcycles will soon come to an end if Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has his way.

President Museveni says his government will ban wearing of hoodies by drivers and riders to rid Uganda of wrong elements he says use hoodies on their jackets to disguise themselves after committing a crime.

The Ugandan head of state expressed these sentiments as he eulogised Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga, who was murdered alongside his brother Saidi Buga near his home in Kampala on Friday night.

“The people who killed Abiriga were using a simple technique of putting on a jacket with a hood. Why do you allow these people with hoods to move around? We are going to ban the covering of your head when you’re driving or riding on a bike,” he told mourners at Lukudu in Arua District.

Mr Museveni says all cyclists in Uganda will have to get new helmets with reflective numbers at the back as part of efforts by his government to tame increasing insecurity.

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The late flamboyant legislator, who was known to be a fierce loyalist to Museveni, was shot dead by two people riding on a motorcycle near his home in Kawanda, Wakiso District at about 6:30pm.

“Now people are worried, sad and angry. Me, I’m sad, angry but I’m confident we’re going to defeat these people. They’re going to see what NRM means in war. All those who have been sending threatening messages on social media are going to see,” he warned.