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Museveni: Why I banned Bobi Wine’s concerts

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has more or less confirmed that he is the one who ordered for the cancellation of musician-turned- politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine concerts.

In an interview with the BBC, Museveni said Bobi Wine was an enemy of the country’s prosperity and thus, can not be allowed to ‘benefit’ from its proceeds.

“Bobi Wine went to America and said that people should not come to invest in Uganda. That means he is an enemy of progress in Uganda. When you go and tell foreigners that they should not come and invest in our country, you are waging war on prosperity. So why then do you want to come and take advantage of that prosperity,” posed Museveni.

The Head of State did not substantiate his claims.

Bobi Wine, the leader of opposition leaning The People Power Movement, has been barred by the state from holding music concerts in the country for the past year.


His attempts have been met with stiff resistance from the country’s police and army, leading to multiple arrests of himself, his supporters and revelers.

The Ghetto President, as he at times refers to himself, claims to have been barred from holding 156 concerts but denies Museveni’s allegations.

“Shamelessly Mr Museveni brands me enemy of Uganda’s progress! Mr. President, your first name is corruption, second liar, third despot. You’ve run down our country, killed our people, destroyed institutions and rule us through the barrel of the gun. You are the enemy of Uganda,” said Bobi Wine.

Police insist the We Are Fighting For Freedom hitmaker has not sought ‘clearance’ to hold these concerts, even though political pundits suggest the state is concerned the musician could use such gatherings to drum up his political support, and crucially, raise fund to challenge the state.