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Museveni’s popularity on the decline, opinion poll shows

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni’s popularity has dwindled by a 30 percent margin over the past three years, the latest opinion poll in the country show.

According to the poll commissioned by Research World International, President Museveni would garner 32 percent of all votes cast if elections were held in the country today.

These opinion poll results represent a significant climb down for Museveni, considering the 50 percent vote he garnered during the previous general elections held in 2016.


It also suggests that the country’s next presidential elections will be determined by a run-off as none of the candidates is currently able to marshal a 50 percent plus one threshold as required by the constitution.

This is Museveni’s lowest ever ratings in an opinion poll during his three-decade rule as president.

The opinion poll results further shows that newcomer Bobi Wine would edge opposition doyen Kiiza Besigye, although both would come in behind Museveni. Bobi Wine would poll 22 percent of the votes while Besigye will harvest 13 percent.

The poll also shows that some 20 percent of the eligible voters in the country are still undecided.


And Bobi Wine is the latest prince in the King’s court, these polls show, amid his recent troubles with the government leading to his continuous arrests and detention.

Other possible candidates including the ailing Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, opposition leaders Norbert Mao, Major General Mugisha Muntu and Amama Mbabazi.

Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba and wife Janet Museveni would each garner less than two percent of the votes cast, the poll shows.