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Jaguar to take boy who scaled State House wall to school

Musician Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar has promised to finance the secondary school education of the boy charged with trespass at State House.

Jaguar met the boy, Matthew Kinuthia Maina, at Milimani Law Courts as the accused was being brought in for results of his age assessment and talked to him moments after his case was mentioned.

Presentation of Maina’s age assessment results was postponed for Friday this week.

“He has told me he is 16 years old and dropped out of school due to lack of fees and that he had written a Kikuyu song titled Jubiree that talks about the achievements of the Jubilee government which he wanted to record and raise money for school fees,” Jaguar told Nairobi News.

The Huu Mwaka hit maker resolved to take the boy back to Form One at a day secondary school in Subukia where he attended school before dropping out last term.

Jaguar’s pledge came coincides with another music producer’s offer to assist the boy.

Mr Joe Kariuki, CEO, Candy n Candy Records wants to bail the 16 year old out of prison and has offered to record his songs for free at his Nairobi production studios.

Kariuki said he was moved by the boys plight.

“He is not a criminal, he was only chasing his dream,” Kariuki told journalists at the Milimani Law Courts.


Kariuki said the act of scaling State House perimeter wall was a “desperate cry for help.”

The bail terms, however, would not be determined yet as the DPP is yet to give the trial court an age assessment report.

Kariuki also wants to help the boy return to school and has pledged Sh500,000 towards his studies.

Last week Jaguar had pledged to help finance the teenager’s first recording (both audio and video) by signing him with Main Switch productions but after learning that the boy is a school drop out, the musician changed his mind.

“He has told me that all he wanted was to go back to school and so I will first pay his fees for the entire secondary education then we can deliberate on the way forward if he still wants to venture into music,” said Jaguar.

Maina told Jaguar that he had travelled from Subukia to Nairobi to visit his cousin and seek funds for his music recording.

He stayed with his cousin at Kawangware for a few days before he decided to walk to State House and seek an audience with the head of state to support his music so that he can be able to pay his school fees.

It was then that he was arrested and charged with entering a protected zone illegally, charges that he pleaded guilty to but the court was told he was a minor and an age assessment ordered to be carried out.