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Music review: Nerea by Sauti Sol featuring Amos & Josh

If there’s one thing that Nerea proves, it is that for a Kenyan Artiste to have impact, he/she doesn’t have to sing about booze and vain glory.

Heck, you can even sing about abortion and garner 170,000 YouTube hits in less than 24 hours!

Another lesson is that a neat music video doesn’t need exotic locations and complicated plots to shine.

Just pick a rundown building like these artistes did and get someone to creatively move the camera around you as you sing.

On their biggest record so far, former TPF contestants Amos and Josh have thrown their all into this collaboration.

Josh’s dexterous second verse warns of impending superstardom. He sings particularly well and navigates through the high notes with ease and seems to even enjoy himself while at it.

Other singers would naturally grimace on such attempts but Josh actually smiles at you and shows you why their TPF runners-up spot could have been a computer error.

On the other hand, controversy still rages about the lyrical content of Nerea, completely disregarding its technical showmanship.

While Bien calls it a “social commentary” about abortion, others accuse Sauti Sol of double-speak after Nishike.

Whiplashing Kenya’s favourite boy band for turning us on with Nishike and then cooling us off with Nerea is probably the lamest reasoning I’ve heard in recent times.

There is absolutely nothing offensive about this subject and this bunch might, on the contrary, win awards for this sobering effort.

Nerea has single-handedly sunk all other stories in the industry, including all Willy Paul’s beefs and even The Kansoul’s latest offering. That’s what you call impact.