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Gospel musician flaunts Sh20m ‘cash’ on Facebook live – VIDEO

Gospel musician Papa Dennis, real name Dennis Mwangi, has lit up the internet with a Facebook live video of him counting Sh20 million in cash.

Papa Dennis live streamed the moment he was joined by fellow artist Noushka to count the wands of cash, which he claimed amounts to Sh20 million.

In the video, the two sit across a dining table that has Sh1,000 notes spread out as they count and often pause to lament how tired they were.

The live stream was made on Monday.

Papa Dennis revealed the full amount in one of his replies to a comment stating, “It’s only 20m Kenyan money.”

Asked why he was not banking the amount he stated, “My friend, ukipata pesa jioni siunahesabu then kesho unapeleka bank.”

The video has been viewed over 100,000 times receiving thousands of comments.

Joe Mkenya commented, “Ukishiba funika tumbo brother… Kuna siku utatafuta hata 50 Bob ya credo unakosa. Ushawai ona akina Uhuru wanahesabu pesa na zimechorwa babayao.”

Proff Bright questioned, “Kwani unadhani ni wewe pekee uko na Doo … Grow up Dennis… I love ur songs but I saa ni too much bratha… Nkt agara go…”

Papa Dennis responded, “Wacha kuwa naubaya nahesabu Baraka zangu Sipia naona wewe una show off ukikula KumbeKumbe nawengine hawana Chakula.”

Wilfred Namamba stated, “Real money is kept in the bank, only devilish money is used for show off.”

YoungBeez Kenya retorted, “Ukiskia wivu jinyonge ila hela ni zake Facebook ni page yake hivo anaweza kafanya anachokitaka pilipili usioila yakwashiani Jameni???bruh next tym count more and more i love that.”

Tim Gachara stated, “I wonder if Bill Gates, Jack MA, Zuckerberg or even Chris Kirubi do this?!… Like someone said…. Pesa Kidogo Syndrome. Humility is just another word in the dictionary.”

Annie Wambui commented, “I wish u could help the needy, people who r dying, of hunger,those who can’t pay for hospital bills,those who can’t pay their school fees or orphans rather than show off.”

Roy Mathews Snr stated, “People lose respect with this kind of pride. Humility is key. Remember your hard work will take u to greater heights but its only your character that maintain at the top. Be humble young man.”

Jane Kamau stated, “Yaani umeona utuonyeshe pesa,???? Vile natafta ata ten bob nakosa, unaonwa tu.”