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Musician KRG The Don reunites with producer Magix Enga to revive career

Musician KRG The Don and music producer Magix Enga, are set to rekindle their professional relationship.
The two previously worked together until Enga decided to go solo.

According to a close source, KRG is keen to bring on board Magix Enga to produce his music again.
“KRG and Magix Enga’s management are working on a way to work together. Both teams are in talks to revive Enga’s career,” the source told Nairobi News.

Magix Enga officially announced his return to the music scene in February, marking the end of a prolonged absence.
On his social media platforms, Enga expressed his gratitude for overcoming his difficulties, saying: “Back from the shadows, stronger than ever. Mungu Wangu Hujainiangusha (My God Has never failed me).”

Enga assured fans to expect top-quality music when he returns to the studios. He also paid tribute to those who supported him during his hiatus, including Willy M Tuva, Asila Bunny, Nebert Nebo and Big Afrique Studios.

He thanked his friends and fans for their continued support. “Enga is back, time to create some epic, timeless music.”

Enga had revealed his move to Eldoret and stressed the importance of the community’s support in his journey back to the limelight.

“As I step back into the limelight, I carry with me the support of an incredible team and the unwavering belief of my new home town: Eldoret. Together we’ll write a story of resilience, redemption and gratitude,” he said.

The reunion with KRG The Don aims to bring fresh, innovative music to their fans while reigniting Enga’s position in the industry.

Concerns about Enga’s health surfaced in December 2022 when a video on social media showed him in a state that worried many fans.

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