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Muslim journalists donate food to needy families

As part of caring for the less fortunate in society, Muslim Media Practitioners on Saturday participated in a noble cause of donating foodstuff to needy individuals at Masjid Nur in Gachie Kiambu County.

The members of the fourth estate participated in the initiative at a time when Muslims across the World are continuing with their fast during this Holy Month of Ramadhan.

They took part in the initiative as part of echoing the teaching of Prophet Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him) which asserts that whoever feeds a fasting person will be rewarded in equal measure.

The Masjid Nur Mosque Management Committee was involved in the planning and coming up with the list of the genuine 50 individuals who benefited from the donations. Among the foodstuffs distributed were sugar, rice, cooking oil, tea leaves, wheat flour, salt and milk.

Muslim Media Practitioners Treasurer Halima Osman thanked her fellow journalists and urged them to always adopt the heart of giving not only in the month of Ramadhan but also when they come across situations where help is needed any time of the year.

“I’m happy that we have participated in this initiative and have put bright faces on these families who were in need. This is an act of kindness that we should always embark on even during other times. There is a big reward from God in helping those who are in need,” said Ms Halima.

The outfit has also been involved in a series of charity activities before which are centered in uplifting the livelihoods of Kenyans who lack various needs.

“The essence of fasting is for one to have the feeling of what the needy goes through. We have done this to help these families during this time when they are undergoing through a lot. I encourage our members to do this even when it is not Ramadhan time,” said K24 journalist Abuller Ahmed.

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