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Muslim leaders oppose police swoop

Somali leaders have opposed the police security swoop in Nairobi’s Eastleigh, which they say is unfairly targeting Muslims.

The leaders were drawn from various political, business and religious circles and accused the governments of profiling Muslims in general and Somalis in particular following recent suspected terror attacks.

“The government has sent security agencies in Eastleigh and they are killing and robbing residents,” said former deputy speaker of the National Assembly Farah Maalim on Saturday.

However, Jubilee leaders rejected accusations that the government had failed to provide security.

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and President Kenyatta’s adviser Joshua Kutuny said firing top security officials was not the solution.

“Terrorism is a global problem which was in existence even before Uhuru took power,” said Mr Sonko.

In the press conference, Mr Maalim accused police of planting evidence on some of those arrested.

“The government is using the threat of terrorism as a scapegoat to seek Western validation and support,” Mr Maalim said.

Lagdera MP Mohammed Shidiye accused the government of violating the Constitution by arresting and detaining people without cause.

“The Somali community occupies the largest area in the country and yet it is treated the worst. The innocent are being arrested and their identity cards mutilated,” Mr Shidiye said.

The MP further condemned the actions of al-Shabaab and said that radicalism would work against the community’s interests.