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Why Muslims have rejected President Museveni’s Eid message

By NAIRA HABIB August 21st, 2018 2 min read

Muslims online have rejected a message by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni wishing them a happy Eid celebration.

Mr Museveni took to his Twitter handle to send a his joyful message to Muslims as they marked Eid ul-Adha celebrations.

“Salutations to the Muslim community in Uganda and beyond as you celebrate the ‘festival of sacrifice’ may you be filled with blessings and remember to celebrate responsibly. Eid Mubarak,” wrote president Museveni.

The tweet drew instant hate from the online community with most asking him to release of Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.


Bobi Wine was arrested and charged last week in a military court for his alleged role in the smashing of a rear window of a vehicle in President Museveni’s motorcade.

The country has experienced unrest with Ugandans demanding for the release of the MP.

Nearly all the responses called on the Ugandan strongman to ensure the MP is set free.

@SaidiFundikira said, “Release Bobi Wine Mzee. Kuna maisha baada ya Urais ujue.”

@AllySaleh tweeted, “In the spirit of this blessed day please sir reconsider the issue of MP Bobi Wine.”

@simonsam wrote, “Please His excellence give chance to others, dictatorship must fall in Africa.”

@kasozi_joram commented, “As we celebrate Eid Al-Adha responsibly, may you as well lead this country UG responsibly. May your forces treat the citizens responsibly as we celebrate responsibly May the leaders from the NRM as well your advisors deceive the people of UG responsibly.”

@mohammeddalacha said. “#FreeBobbyWine bro. The world is watching you. We are not happy. This is not the Uganda you fought for. You’ve turned to be another Idi Amin Dada.”

@henrysanyajr said, “Hapi Eid mr president you r a wise and generous leader and We love you but please #FreeBobiWine.”