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Mustapha accuses Prezzo of meddling in love affair

Colonel Mustapha  has accused Prezzo of meddling in his love affair with Huddah Monroe.

Speaking on a phone interview on Wednesday evening with a local radio station, Mustapha claimed  Prezzo was using Nyota Ndogo as a proxy to spoil his love life.

However in a quick rejoinder, Nyoya Ndogo tweeted a dismissal to Mustapha’s claims.

She said Mustapha is not a role model to be emulated.

Hi yake samahani, sio kioo cha jamii, ila kioo cha utupu,” she tweeted. 

Nyota Ndogo further called on Mustapha to ask for forgiveness from all women.

When contacted, Prezzo didn’t give details the issue.

The spat comes after Mustapha posted graphic pictures online of him and Huddah Monroe.