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Mustapha’s saga! Bien reflects on family hardship after father lost job

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza has opened up about his family’s challenges when his father lost his job, causing a significant downturn in their household.

Reflecting on Mustapha’s unfortunate journey from grace to grass, Bien expressed his sympathy, recognising Mustapha as a talented artist and personally attempting to provide support through a pay bill.

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He reminded everyone that hard times can affect anyone, even those in seemingly stable professions such as accountants.

Sharing his own experience, Bien revealed how his family’s situation drastically changed when his father, who worked in the corporate world, suddenly lost his job.

Bien reiterated the importance of having positive relationships with those around us.

He emphasised that unforeseen circumstances can quickly put anyone in a difficult situation.

With admiration for Mustapha’s admirable character, Bien mentioned that he has never seen anyone have problems with him, except perhaps his romantic partner.

The Inauma hitmaker also advised individuals to consistently build wealth and create multiple sources of income as you never know what the future holds.

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Bien encouraged continuous skill development in one’s chosen field, highlighting his commitment to working with young artists, staying relevant in a positive way, and understanding one’s role in society and using one’s talent to serve it.

Bien concluded by offering his prayers for Mustapha and assuring him that he will overcome his challenges.

Mustapha recently revealed that his mother is very ill and has been diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma), financially devastating the family.

Mustafa opened up about his situation, explaining that he has taken up menial jobs to meet his financial obligations.

He explained that his mother’s medical bills have taken a toll on the family and that he is doing everything he can to raise funds to support her.

“I have been doing this job for over a year now. Things have been bad. My mother is sick. She is battling cancer and so I am looking for all possible ways to raise money just to boost her finances,” he said.

Kenyans have contributed to help the artist get back on his feet.

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