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Raila basher Mutahi Ngunyi predicts ‘Odinga presidency’, but obviously it’s not Baba

Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has raised a storm on Twitter with a ‘prediction’ that Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie is destined for the presidency.

In one of the rare occasions when he has kind words for Nasa leader, Ngunyi also said Mr Odinga is not bad, but just a leader with fewer options.

Ngunyi, who is one of Odinga’s harshest critics, made the remarks in the latest episode of the Fifth Estate on YouTube.

“They have said that although his (Odinga) political career is over, there is hope that his daughter Winnie Odinga will be the first woman president in Kenya,” Ngunyi said. ​

In the episode, Mutahi and his scholars define Kenya’s current situation as an eagle’s old age where painful renovation is the only way out.

Ngunyi went on to repeat the same sentiments on Twitter where he tellingly pointed out that Winnie’s ‘presidency’ would only succeed Ruto’s.

Winnie, 28, Odinga’s youngest daughter, recently described herself as her father’s bodyguard, briefcase carrier, travel companion and the occasional driver.

Unlike her elder sister, Rosemary, Winnie has however never made public her political ambitions. In 2017, Winnie declared her candidature for Kibra constituency only to step down after being taken ill.

Ngunyi’s post was dismissed by his followers, who termed it as a big joke with others calling him out for his loud mouth.