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Mutahi Ngunyi offers to refund Sh12.5m to NYS…if overpaid

Political commentator and consultant Mutahi Ngunyi on Monday offered to refund Sh12.5 million to the National Youth Service, but on condition that an audit proves his firm was overpaid the amount.

Mr Ngunyi’s firm, The Consulting House, was hired to restructure the service in what later came to be referred to as the NYS 5-Point Vision.

It had two contracts — one signed in March 2014 for Sh40 million and another for Sh50 million.

The first one was fulfilled and Mr Ngunyi was paid. However, it was in the second one that Auditor-General Edward Ouko discovered that he was paid Sh62.5 million, which was 25 per cent more than the agreed contractual sum of Sh50 million.

On Monday, Mr Ngunyi publicised a letter he wrote to Youth Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki offering to refund the alleged Sh12.5 million over-payment.

In the letter, dated July 5, 2016, Mr Ngunyi said the refund will be submitted to NYS if an upcoming internal audit reveals that indeed his firm was overpaid.


He posted a copy of the letter on his Twitter account on Monday.

“If it is TRUE that NYS over-paid The Consulting House to fix us, My instruction, by OUR Board, is to refund the MONEY,” he wrote on Twitter.

In the letter, Mr Ngunyi stated that The Consulting House board had directed that an audit be done to determine if the claims captured in the Auditor General’s report were true.

Once the audit is completed and claims substantiated, the company would “institute a speedy refund of the excess payment to treasury, the Ministry or NYS, whichever the Standard Procedure in government will prefer and as advised by counsel,” he said in the letter.

He further requested that the minister investigates how the payment was done without a duly signed invoice from The Consulting House, “and more specifically, whether this was done by NYS officers out of error (which we doubt) or out of malice from those who resisted our re-structuring approach.”


The Consulting House was registered in November 2009 and its directors are Mr Godfrey Mutahi Ngunyi and Ms Judith Langat Mutahi.

On June 13, Mr Ngunyi tweeted that he would sue the Auditor-General for stating that he was overpaid for work done for the National Youth Service.

He attributed the Auditor-General’s report to malice and politics by the Opposition.