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Muthoni Drummer Queen shares baby name

By Freya Wanjiku January 28th, 2022 1 min read

Kenyan rapper Muthoni Ndonga, popularly known as Muthoni Drummer Queen, and her boyfriend Musa Omusi have revealed their newborn son’s name.

“We named him Manjano Ndonga Musosi. Manjano for golden glow of his soul’s energy. Ndonga for my late father, his guardian spirit. Musosi for Musa Omusi x Muthoni, the eternal collab that starts and ends at forever and a day. We are beyond words.”

The African Fever hit maker disclosed she was expectant nearly two weeks after she delivered, adding she deliberately decided to keep the pregnancy news to herself.

She also thanked her close friends and colleagues for helping her keep the pregnancy a secret until she was ready to tell the world.

“Where you been MDQ? A: Being preggerz!! Between cooking a new life and avoiding Covid, I spent most of 2021 actively at home/away from humans *sorry media guys, you see why I declined all your in person requests for promo of RIVER (her latest album) This 10month journey has been intensely beautiful. My heart is so full it literally overflows with gratitude and joy,” she said.

The lovebirds have been dating for quite a while and have not shied from posting each other in deep emotional capt