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Mutua reacts as CNN ‘gay kid’ Anderson Cooper’s baby boy arrives by surrogate

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua has reacted amusingly after gay CNN anchor Anderson Cooper announced the birth of his son via a surrogate.

Cooper revealed on the air on Thursday that he was a dad and had welcomed a bouncing baby boy, named Wyatt Morgan Cooper, via surrogate a few days earlier.

“As a gay kid, I never thought it would be possible to have a child, and I’m grateful for all those who have paved the way, and for the doctors and nurses and everyone involved in my son’s birth,” he continued. “Most of all, I am grateful to a remarkable surrogate who carried Wyatt, and watched over him lovingly, and tenderly, and gave birth to him. It is an extraordinary blessing – what she, and all surrogates give to families who can’t have children. My surrogate has a beautiful family of her own, a wonderfully supportive husband, and kids, and I am incredibly thankful for all the support they have given Wyatt and me. My family is blessed to have this family in our lives,” posted Cooper on social media.

But Mutua, through Twitter on Friday, described Anderson Cooper’s use of a surrogate to get a child as ‘warped logic.’

“CNN’s Anderson Cooper and his husband yesterday broke the news of their first born son Wyatt Morgan Cooper, but they had to get a normal woman to get pregnant using his normal seed and carry the child in a normal womb and give birth in a normal way….see the warped logic?”

The KFCB boss, christene the moral cop, has been championing a fight against homosexuality in the country and has been vocal about his Christian position.

Since his appointment as the head of board, Mutua has banned a number of local and international films over allegations of promoting same-sex relationships.

This week, the high court upheld Mutua’s decision to ban Kenyan lesbian-themed romance movie Rafiki on grounds that it advocated for homosexuality.

Gay sex is a criminal offense in Kenya and Article 162 punishes “carnal knowledge against the order of nature” with up to 14 years in prison.

On the other side, article 165 makes “indecent practices between males” liable to up to five years in prison.