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Governor Mutua revokes business permits of ‘rogue’ private health facilities

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Monday oversaw the closure and revocation of business licenses of clinics, chemists and laboratories near the public health facilities in Machakos.

The governor had earlier on given the clinics notice to shut down after it emerged that drugs and other commodities from Machakos Level 5 Hospital were being sold there.

“About a month later on March 14, 2019, while commissioning a new theatre at Matuu Level 4 Hospital, I directed that as per the law & regulations, there should not be a private clinic, lab, pharmacy & such health providers within 300 meters of a Machakos Government health facility,” Dr Mutua tweeted.


“Three months later, some of my health workers are still conniving with private facilities and sabotaging Universal Health Care by sending innocent patients to private labs, pharmacies & clinics instead of providing them free and quality health care in Government health facilities,” he added.

While addressing a crowd that had gathered at the scene following the commotion, the governor gave an assurance that the public hospital had enough drugs and equipment to serve the residents.

“We have enough drugs, reagents and x-ray equipment and it is the hallmark of impunity and corruption for health workers and their collaborators to deny Wananchi free health services that are already funded,” Governor Mutua said another tweet.

Those who were working at the above places have been arrested.