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Mutula divides opinion with calls to have Moi ‘honoured’

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior has sparked a heated online debate with calls to have retired President Daniel arap Moi honoured for his service to the nation.

The Senator cited former president’s decision to peacefully hand over power after the 2002 elections as one of reasons why Mzee Moi deserves to be honoured.

The senator is the son of the late Mutula Kilonzo, who died in 2013, The senior Mutula was a one time Moi’s most trusted lawyer.

During the Kanu era, he represented the retired Head of State in several cases, including election petitions, land transactions and property deals.

On social media the reactions varied with some users supporting  Mutula’s calls:

But there were others who completely dismissed the suggestion: