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Mutula predicts a Chinese national winning a county seat in Kenya soon

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior has raised concern over the high number of Chinese nationals in the country.

This is after the Business Daily newspaper ran a headline story ‘The Chinese in Gikomba‘ on Monday.

The story narrated how tens of Chinese traders have opened shops in the crowded, informal markets that have for decades served as the entry points for second-hand clothes and cheap Chinese imports.

Irked by the story, Senator Makueni predicted that Kenyan will soon elect a Chinese national to a county seat.

“I predict that we will soon elect a Chinese MCA. This is how it begins, “tweeted the senator.

Last year, Senator Mutula said the large number of foreigners in the country is denying Kenyans business opportunities.

“Work permit for foreigners are only supposed to be given for work which no Kenyans can do. When a fellow Chinese who cannot speak English is manning a gate and Kenyans are looking for jobs, what are you talking about?” he posed.

The Senator asked the national government to put in place laws to curb the influx of foreigners into the country.