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Muturi celebrates mothers at Mama Lucy hospital

National assembly speaker Justin Muturi on Tuesday celebrated the International Women’s Day by visiting women who’d just delivered at Mama Lucy Hospital, Nairobi.

He also shared gifts with the new mothers at the facility and chatted with them for a while.

About 80 mothers had successful deliveries on the day.

Muturi appreciated woman as a stream of life and asked the community to rally and support them.

He also called on women to take the challenge and engage in political activities.

“I am glad today to celebrate women in a special way. They brought us to life and we acknowledge their roles in our lives. They have brought us up and ensured that we are healthy. Women are greater beings, “he said.

On the other hand, he also condemned the uncouth behavior of the bodaboda operators who assaulted a female motorist along Wangari Maathai road, Nairobi.