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Mututho laws flouted during Christmas festivities

By PHILIP MUYANGA December 26th, 2013 1 min read

Entertainment joints in Nairobi made booming business over the Christmas holidays as most the revelers decided not to travel upcountry.

A spot check by Nairobi News revealed that most joints ignored the “Mututho rules” and opened as early as 8am on Christmas day.

“We have been open to business all through, things are moving in the right direction,” said Ms Beatrice an attendant at a pub in the Central Business District (CBD).

An attendant at a club Donholm area who sought anonymity said business is at its peak this festive season as the sales have surpassed their targets.

He accused the police for harassing them at this time saying they are being forced to part with some money in order to conduct their business.

“Police know we are flouting the rules, this is a man eat man society, scratch my back I scratch yours,” said the attendant who seemed intoxicated.

A resident who spoke to Nairobi News said he decided not to go upcountry due to what he termed “as high risks” during travel over the festive season.

“My home area is at the  coast, I cannot travel because the fare has almost doubled, I better stay in Nairobi and go home later,” said the resident who identified himself as Karissa.