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Nairobians scoff at Mututho’s directive

John Mututho may have bitten off more than he can chew in calling for permits before drinking binges are hosted in homes.

Enforcement is the biggest challenge facing the National Campaign Against Drugs Agency (Nacada) according to the Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek).

Mr Mututho last week directed residents holding parties to obtain permits so that they can take alcohol in their homes in accordance with the law.

Breach of law

Residents are now required to pay Sh1,000 for the licence which will automatically expire at 11pm. Going on with the party past the hour will be considered a breach of the law and culprits could be arrested.

The directive has so far attracted condemnation and praise in equal measure with some like Cofek’s Secretary General Stephen Mutoro dismissing Mututho’s plans.

“I don’t think he understands the scope of his work. It is not like enforcers will go into people’s houses looking for those holding parties,” he said.

Mr Mutoro said if Mututho’s directive was implemented to the latter, residents’ right to privacy would be violated.

Mutoro added that Nacada may not have the capacity to carry out the operation even if the law permitted.

He termed the strategy laughable.

“Mututho is criminalising drinking alcohol instead of dealing with the real problem. I do not think he has officers to implement it. His target is wrong, he should use another strategy to deal with the alcohol problem,” he said.

Open gates

According to a Nairobi resident Joseph Mbindyo, it is not wise for residents to open gates for people at night because of insecurity.

“I wonder if they will produce an arrest warrant before arresting me, on grounds which I am yet to understand. It seems it will be criminal to make merry at home,” he said.

Mr Odoyo Owidi on Facebook said: “Implementation may not be effective, after all law enforcers (police) are corrupt. The bribe addicted Kenyan police will not see the clear-cut difference between a planned and unplanned party,” he said.