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Mwai Kibaki the successful family man

Mwai Kibaki, the third president of the Republic of Kenya, has passed on at a ripe age of 90.

Kibaki is remembered for many things, including ushering in economic reforms and a new constitution that saw the country grow quite exponentially in his term between 2003-2013.

He was praised as a highly educated scholar, brilliant economist, and was widely known for his part in the country’s infrastructural development including construction of the Thika Super highway.

The road linking Kenya’s capital thinking to the industrial town of Thika, is considered among the best in Africa, stretching 50 km with interchanges of 18 and 12 lanes, is considered part of his legacy.

Kibaki’s demeanour concealed political guile that won him the presidency after four decades as lawmaker, government minister and then vice president to his predecessor, Daniel arap Moi.

Kibaki, whose death was announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta, is credited with reviving Kenya’s then ailing economy, but his tenure was also marred by deadly violence that killed more than 1,200 Kenyans following his disputed re-election in December 2007.

“Kibaki was a patriot whose legacy of civic responsibility will continue to inspire generations of Kenyans long into our future,” President Kenyatta said in a televised address.

Kibaki was not only praised for being a formidable leader, but he was also known to be staunch family man who held his family in high regard.

He married his late wife and former First Lady Mama Lucy Kibaki in 1961 and together they sired four children; Judy Wanjiku, Jimmy Kibaki, David Kagai and Tony Githinji.

Jimmy Kibaki is well known by many for his political affairs and desire to continue his father’s legacy.

Judy Kibaki has maintained a low profile over the years and little is known about her.

The only daughter of the late President has served as a board member of Kenya Invest Authority as well as Deacon’s board and Britam.

She has been her father’s spokesperson, especially updating the press on his state of health before his death.

David Kagai and Tonny Githinji, however, have managed to maintain a low profile on their private lives as there isn’t a record of their life events in the public scene.

Kibaki is also known to have several grand kids, including publicly known hunk YouTuber, Sean Andrew.