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Mwalimu Rachel alleges Sailors Gang yet to receive royalties from popular collabos

Radio personality Mwalimu Rachel has brought to light alleged financial exploitation within the music industry, specifically involving the popular Gengetone artistes, Sailors Gang.

Speaking on the Mic Cheque podcast, Mwalimu Rachel talked about the time she managed the group explaining on their collaborations and the purported lack of financial benefit.

Mwalimu Rachel recounted how Sailors Gang collaborated with prominent artists such as KRG the Don and Octopizzo.

However, despite the success of these collaborations, the group allegedly did not receive the financial compensation they deserved.

Highlighting the specific case of the song “Wakiritho” featuring Octopizzo, Mwalimu Rachel revealed that Sailors Gang had little to no involvement in the financial aspects of the project.

“Mnajua nilikuja kuona hii song, video, and the song yenye they did na Octo Wakiritho just like you and everybody else in the room niliona na kila mtu. Boys went and did the song with Octopizzo, shoot the video boom no spreadsheets no nothing,” she expressed.

Furthermore, Mwalimu Rachel explained that Sailors Gang had initially approached her with the idea of collaborating with Octopizzo, seeking her approval.

Despite advising them to involve management in the negotiation process, the group proceeded independently, leading to what Mwalimu Rachel describes as a lack of financial transparency and accountability.

“These boys came to me and told me they wanted to go into the studio with Octo. I told them that it was a good idea, I could see the potential,” she said.

“In fact, we already had this song, so I said okay, but let management manage it now, and we had started. But they got impatient. This guy’s mentality was fixed on needing the song now, we want this song now, now. So they arranged it themselves, they made the song and shot the video. I came to see it like everyone else.”

Addressing the issue of royalties, Mwalimu Rachel stated:

“Honestly, up to today, I don’t know their agreement all I know is any money was going to Octopizzo not to sailors… and they went and did the same thing with KRG men, wakalipwa na nyama na mizinga.”

Nairobi News attempted to contact the mentioned artists, Octopizzo and KRG The Don but they were unavailable to provide a comment.

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