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Mwalimu Rachel clings on to Sailors’ YouTube channel, demands Sh1.5 million

By Hilary Kimuyu October 20th, 2020 2 min read

Gengetone stars Sailors have been forced to open a new YouTube channel after their former manager Mwalimu Rachel allegedly denied them access to their previous account.

Rachel, who managed the group for over two years, fell out with them last year and on Tuesday responded to claims that she held on to all the passwords to their social media platforms.

“As a business, that has no binding contract or agreement with a third party, would it really make sense to just hand over log ins? The simple answer is – no,” the radio presenter said.

The media personality said she was ready to cut links with Sailors through proper channels.

“After all it’s just business, nothing personal, but I know there’s a proper way to do it.

“I’m not trying to “hold on” as many would argue. I am simply doing what’s best for my company (MRXMedia LTD) and the investment we put into them. You don’t simply hand over log in’s and other sensitive material simply because your artist has “moved on”. Equity, Ownership and Return On investment.”

The Wamlambez hit makers this week said Rachel had demanded more than Sh1.5 million from the group before she could release the passwords, an allegation she has not denied.

“As a way of getting them off my back I said the estimated value of that channel and the work my team and I put in it, is 1.5 million (I’m starting to think I underquoted lol) I was charging the record label that wanted to take ownership of this channel, not Sailors,” she said.

Sailors said their differences with their former manager has left them locked out of their YouTube channel which had all their previous songs and millions of video views.

“We respect her, we’ve come from far, but we didn’t expect this to turn out the way it did,” one of the band members Miracle Baby said.

The group also urged potential clients not to book any gigs with them through Mwalimu Rachael.

“We have opened a new YouTube channel and we are now signed under Black Market Records.”

The counter-accusations sparked outrage filling her comments section with Sailors’ fans demanding she returns passwords to their social media accounts.

The group has released a new single called Kulewa Kuchuchuma.