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Mwalimu Rachel: I regret managing Gengetone group Sailors

Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel recently revealed her profound regret in managing the popular Gengetone music group, Sailors.

In a conversation with an online media outlet, Mwalimu Rachel said managing Sailors is her biggest regret in life thus far.

“One of my biggest regrets is managing Sailors. Have you ever been locked up by the police? I have,” she said.

She said you she could turn back the hands of time, she would not accept that role.

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In a previous interview, Mwalimu Rachel disclosed that as a result of her fallout with the group, where she was accused of blocking access to Sailor’s YouTube channel, she and her son received online death threats.

“The negativity I have encountered online has truly shaken me. My son and I have received death threats from fans because of the YouTube channel,” she said.

Mwalimu Rachel also faced accusations of stalling the progress of the group, with fans of Sailors even contacting her employer demanding that she be fired.

However, she maintains that she was not responsible for ending the group’s career.

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“I did not kill their career. People may think I did, and they have gone as far as asking my bosses to fire me, despite knowing nothing about the true story. Unfortunately, social media operates in its own way, and there is little that can be done about it,” she explained.

The music group comprised of Peter Miracle Baby, Shalkido, QoqosJuma, Masilver and Lexxy Yung.

Sailors Gang is a popular Gengetone group that shot to fame with their hit single Wamlambez in 2018. The group later separated with each group member going his separate way.

Miracle Baby, the group’s front man was a former street child and is currently doing Mugiithi with his girlfriend Carol Katrue.

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