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Mwangi: the government wants me dead

Just days after making a comeback into activism through the Occupy Harambee Avenue protest two weeks ago, Boniface Mwangi has alleged that there are powerful people in the government who want to kill him.

In a hard hitting statement on his social media platforms, the award winning photographer-cum-activist famous for organizing the Occupy Parliament protest of May 2014, revealed names of people he alleges are behind a plot to kill him.

Boniface, who was last month named as one of Africa’s most influential personalities by the New African magazine, claims Moses Mungwana, Henry Shitanda and a Mr. Livingstone Ngugi, who he says work for powerful figures in the country are behind the current plot to kill him.

Last week during the Occupy Harambee Avenue protest Mwangi was photographed arguing with goons who had come to disrupt the protest and in the statement, he says the latest threats arise from the incident that happened outside the office of the president in full view of the police who did nothing.

Mwangi now claims one of the goons had a knife and wanted to stab him.


“The goons asserted that they were looking for Boniface Mwangi but l did not arrive until around 11:30am with a car full of crosses to symbolize the people who have died due to terror attacks in Kenya’s recent past,” Mwangi said.

“Almost immediately, the goons attacked me. I later learnt that the goons were supposed to cause a scuffle and one of them was meant to stab me. During the scuffle l shouted at the police to arrest the man with the knife but they ignored me.”

He further alleges that after the confrontation he followed the goons who told him they had been paid by people from the office of the president to kill him.

“I tracked down the goons who were hired to stab me and they told me they were told the government was on their side. They allege that the money to hire the goons came from the Office of the President,” he said.

But even after the current fiasco the activist who quit earlier this year over similar reasons has said he is not quitting this time round.

“I shall not allow fear or state sponsored violence to silence my voice. The struggle for a better Kenya continues,” he said.