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Mwarabu Fighter’s freak accident leaves Diamond without bodyguard

Bongo flava star Diamond Platnumz currently has been left without a bodyguard after his most trusted bodyguard, Mwarabu Fighter, was involved in a nasty accident on Friday that almost claimed his life.

Mwarabu had to be rushed to Muhumbili National Hospital for specialized treatment.

Mwarabu Fighter, who has been providing personal security to the crooner for over four years now, later narrated to Wasafi TV how the accident happened.

In his account, the nasty road accident left him with a cracked skull after the the motorcycle he was riding collided with another as they both tried to overtake a lorry.

He was rescued by a passerby who rushed him to Lugalo Hospital where first aid was administered to him before he was referred to Muhumbili for further treatment.

Diamond Platnumz’s bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter. PHOTO | COURTESY


Taking to his Instagram account the humongous bodyguard also asked his fans to pray for him.

“Ndugu zangu nimepata ajali mbaya sana nimepasuka kichwani ila ninawashukuru Lugalo Hospital kwa kunipatia huduma ya kwanza sasa hivi wananikimbiza Muhimbili kwa hiyo dua zenu ndugu zangu,” he wrote.

Reports from Muhumbili Hospital indicate that Mwarabu Fighter is currently in a stable condition after he was attended to by doctors.

This news come at a time when there have been rumours that Diamond had fired Mwarabu Fighter after he complained to one staff member of Wasafi Classic Baby that he wasn’t so happy with how his boss has been treating him of late.

The rumours further alluded that Diamond had as a result reverted to sharing bodyguard with his artiste Harmonise as he looks for a new security detail.

It is also said that this is what led to Diamond arriving at four different events with Mwarabu accompanying him as has been the norm.