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My car is constantly losing power.What is the problem?

Dear Neto,

 I drive a 2004 Toyota Landcruiser 3.2L diesel. The vehicle is hard to start and suffers quite a lot of power loss.

I also realised that the engine does not rev beyond 3,000 rpm even if I floor the accelerator.

A common aspect experienced before the power loss is a sudden jerk plus illumination of engine check light, then no power. When I leave the car to cool for some time, it takes off well but does the same soon after.

What could be the problem?


Dear Makau,

Have you had the fuel filter, fuel lines and air locks in the fuel lines checked? If so, I highly suspect that you have a problem with your injector pump.

You should visit an injector pump specialist soon to get your injector back to timing.

If the injector pump is adjustable then well and good but if it is not adjustable, you can have it checked for internal failure.

If your vehicle is equipped with an electronic timing controller, some error codes are already stored and you can have them scanned to know exactly what is ailing your Landcruiser.


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