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My employer left Sh800k on my bosom after steamy ‘sexcapade’ – house girl

By Joseph Ndunda November 7th, 2019 3 min read

A 28-year-old woman on Wednesday left a Makadara court in stitches as she explained how her employer allegedly left Sh 800,000 on her bosom after a steamy “sexcapade” in his own bedroom.

Ruth Khaecha sensationally claimed in court that businessman Paul Kanyi Mwangi placed the cash on her chest after they had been engaged in a steamy sex escapade at his palatial Muthaiga home.

Khaecha is charged with conspiring with her father, Solomon Bwoya, to steal Sh1.4 million from Mwangi on January 15 this year, at Balozi Estate, Muthaiga North here in Nairobi where she worked as his house girl.

She is also charged with stealing the money by virtue of being Mwangi’s servant and was found to have a case to answer over the theft even as her father was acquitted.

In her defence, Khaecha claimed Mwangi gave her the cash after she gave him an ‘excellent service in bed.’

She alleged that her employer had returned home with nine envelopes and invited her to his bedroom to assist him in arranging them inside his wardrobe but one thing led to another.

“He had not told me anything about the envelopes but because I know a man’s weakness, I waited and asked him what was in the envelopes when he started caressing me and he said it was money. I took one of the files and confirmed.

“It was not the first time but this time I decided to give him an excellent service like never before because I knew it was a life turning moment for me and my children, and at the end, he placed the envelope on my chest.”

Khaecha added that the affair between her and Mwangi started shortly after she was employed as a house girl.

She told Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga that she suspected things were not okay between Mwangi and his wife after he started making advances at her immediately she was hired.

Prosecutor Shadrack Otuke challenged Khaecha on whether she regretted breaking Mwangi’s marriage.

“I did what anyone would do if such an opportunity occurred in their lives. I have suffered a lot after my mother died when we were young. I don’t want my children to go through what I have gone through and I did what everyone would do,” she said.

Khaecha told the court that she did not count the money in the envelope and only kept it in her bedroom until she travelled back to her rural home where she counted and ascertained it had Sh 800,000.

She had only worked for the couple for two and half months while being paid a salary of Sh 6,500 by Mwangi’s wife.

She also confessed that Mwangi’s wife had become suspicious of them resulting in regular quarrels prompting her to leave on January 15, 2019. This move prompted estate security guards to alert Mwangi.

“I had told him everything about myself including my rural home and I was shocked to see him come with many people. I gave them all the money that was left because I had nothing to hide, he had given this money to me on his own volition,” Khaecha told the court.

But Mwangi told the court he returned home only to find the cash missing and Khaecha was unreachable on phone as it had been switched off.

She was arrested in her father’s home in Kakamenga County and Sh 70,000 of the money recovered.

Khaecha confessed that she used the missing cash to buy a parcel of land, while her father bought two motorbikes, a solar panel among other items.

The court will rule on the matter on November 22, 2019.