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My God will sort you out one by one, film board boss tells ‘evil’ Kenyan media

The Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua is pointing an accusing finger at the media saying it out to tarnish his name by giving negative information to the public on his job as the moral police.

Mutua shared his grievances on his Facebook page naming personalities and mainstream media houses which he claims have been deliberately twisting the board’s message and publishing skewed articles and outright lies about him in the past few months.

Mr Mutua also claims that all this is part of a campaign to have him removed from KFCB or even physically eliminated because he is “a threat to media business.”


“I am told a scheme has been hatched to run a series of commentaries on TV, radio, newspapers and blogs to malign me and the Kenya Film Classification Board because of our campaign on content regulation and moral values,” Mr Mutua said in his lengthy post.

Mr Mutu further claims that the smear campaign against him is heavily funded by foreign NGOs supporting the LGBT community in Kenya which, according to him, have very big support in the media.

Here is Mr Mutua’s full rant on Facebook:

Surprisingly, for his post Mr Mutua got some considerable support from the unlikeliest sources – netizens who in the past have harshly criticized him over the way he runs the board.