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My pain: Philip Etale reveals financial struggle with sick relatives

Orange Party’s communication guru Philip Etale has laid bare the challenges he’s faced in recent times, including being forced to take bank loans so as to pay for the treatment of his family members. He, however, advises all those facing challenges not to judge God.

“In every situation whether catastrophic or heartbreaking, never judge God. You may ask Him questions, hard as they may, but never ever dismiss Him,” he wrote in a moving Facebook post.

The normally bubbly Etale, a journalist by profession, also explained how losing eight close members of his family in a span of five years left him emotionally drained.


“I lost my mother, son, dad’s brother, step-mom, dad, mom’s sister, elder brother and recently dad’s sister all in a span of five years. The most heartbreaking being my son Wendell Charles Etale in April 2015. A boy who has never been sick in all his 12 years on earth,” wrote Etale.

Etale also explains that you should not expect everybody to support you when in need. He says at times, he’s had to lock himself in the bathroom to sob.

“Many (friends) who understand come through but some who have never been through such, have called me names. On many occasions, unknown to many, I have cried, sometimes I go to the bathroom, turn on the shower and cry all the tears,” he said.

“My creditworthiness in banks have been exhausted because of the loans I have taken to take care of my people in the hospital. I am servicing the loans and I am not complaining.”

Etale has worked for opposition leader Raila Odinga for the better part of the last decade and is known to privately and publicly defend the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)
at all costs.

He is rumoured to be a top contender for the Lugari parliamentary set in the 2022 elections.