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My Sh15,000 coil failed: Daddie Marto and wife on having destiny babies

Kenyan actor Daddie Marto and his wife Christine recently opened up about their fate in getting “destiny children.” 

In a candid conversation on their YouTube channel dubbed MaNaPaTau, the couple delved into details of the delivery of their third child just a few months ago,

They disclosed that the birth control method they opted for did not work, resulting in their third “destiny child”.

“We’re now parents of three boys, with our new entrant being Richard Koa. Our firstborn was destiny child, second born destiny child, third born destiny child, we need to take this destiny into our own hands,” Daddie Marto said jokingly. 

Christine on her part talked about how they ended up getting three kids who were not initially planned. 

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“The firstborn was unplanned as we were newly dating, in a new relationship, and not taking any precautions, and the second born I had just gotten off birth control which was copper coil so I was taking a break. Literally, a month later, I was pregnant,” she said.

The couple disclosed that just a year after they received their second child, they had finally decided to get back to birth control where Christine opted for a copper coil. The actor’s wife revealed that she had been checked and her uterus had absolutely nothing before inserting the new coil. 

“Two or three weeks later, we’re on her birthday vacation but she was taking antibiotics. She was having side effects but we thought it was just mild and it would come to pass,” said the father of three. 

Christine went on to talk about how at the time they were just getting back to spending time together as a couple.

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“When you have kids or you have just had a newborn it takes time before you can get back to each other as a couple,” said Christine. 

The couple revealed that just when they were leaving their vacation heading back home, they decided to take a pregnancy test just to confirm as the symptoms Christine had persisted. 

“We did the test and discovered she was pregnant, so the whole journey back to Nairobi was a long one. She was completely distraught, but at the back of my mind I was like alright, we’re on this journey again and for some reason everytime she tells me she’s pregnant I just laugh or smile,” said Daddie Marto. 

“We had the gynaecologist on speed dial so we called him and told him that the coil did not work,” he added. 

“Sh 15,000 worth of coil ilienda hivo,” Christine said. 

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