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My wives have not left me! Ex-Tahidi High star Omosh explains

By Winnie Mabel October 11th, 2022 2 min read

Former Tahidi High actor Omosh Kizangila, born Joseph Kinuthia, hit back at bloggers who claimed he was depressed and that his family had abandoned him.

He accused them of chasing views using his name and always revisiting the earlier incident of him being down on his luck and Kenyans coming to his rescue despite him making his way in life now.

In a Youtube video he posted on October 10, 2022, Omosh claimed that someone came across him while sad and deduced that he was depressed, while he actually wasn’t.

“There is a trending story alleging that I am depressed. When you look at me, do I look like someone who is depressed? Bloggers, please stop chasing views with my name.

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Actor Omosh. PIC: COURTESY

Guys, think of something you can come up with. You can easily tell someone who is depressed but I am not depressed. I was sad.

I have been sad for a couple of weeks after losing two of my close neighbours and friends. That was a double tragedy and it made me sad, just like any other person. If something like this befalls you, you will be sad but it is not depression,” Omosh said.

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He also countered claims that his two wives had left him, saying they were all well and still together.

“I want to challenge you, just go to my place. If the family is not there, then let me know. I know that they are at home and they are doing well…

If you want to know the real story, look for me, we do an interview and I tell you how I am doing.

I will tell you the truth and people will know from there instead of imagining their things. Those things you are wishing on me, I will use them to fuel my journey,” added Omosh.

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In 2021, Kenyans came to the aid of Omosh after he spoke of his financial troubles and the issues facing his homestead.

Funds were raised for him and a good Samaritan went to the extent of building him a house.

Later, he would emerge to claim that the funds raised were not enough to help him clear his debts and this irked a section of Kenyans who branded him as an entitled man.

He later asked to be bought a camera and tripod so that he could make content to generate money, and singer B Classic purchased them for him.

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