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Mya: Why I turned down Chris Kirubi’s date offer – VIDEO

Grammy award winning R&B artist Mya Marie Harrison is visiting the city for the first time and Nairobi News got the opportunity for a one on one interview with her.

She is scheduled to perform at The Plot concert on Saturday night at the Ngong racecourse water front.

In the interview, she talked candidly of her passion for music, philanthropy and her love for Italian food, especially pasta.

She also exclusively gave reasons why she turned down a date offer by city billionaire Chris Kirubi.


The singer, who has been singing for the past 18 years, started off the interview by addressing the overly sexual portrayal  of women in the music industry.

“In some cultures it is a natural thing to show and celebrate a woman as a whole. No human being is one dimensional and I can say for myself that if I ever have expressed myself sensually, I have been comfortable and celebrating that part of me,” she added.

The highlight of her visit so far was the moment on Thursday night, during her interview in Jeff Kionange’s JKL show, when billionaire and industrialist Chris Kirubi tweeted and later called in to invite her to a date at Lake Kirubi, in his farm in Thika.

“Someone (Kirubi) called during the show and I didn’t know they were filming and didn’t know we were live. People kept sending me pictures of their lakes to go their instead, I didn’t know the comedy that was involved. I didn’t get to go (for the date) because I didn’t get any food,” she told Nairobi News.

To Mya, she is keen on dating men who can cook for her because she loves food. Mr Kirubi’s invitation was not accompanied by any offer of food.

Mya confessed to liking Nairobi because of the “excitement of the people, alluring, charming and welcoming and it is a great feeling you have here.”


“I will definitely be doing a safari before I leave,” she said.

Mya revealed that she recorded her hit song ‘Case of the Ex‘ out the pain she saw her mother go through.

“When I recorded the song I was very young I didn’t even know what that was about. I saw some of my mother’s pain and some of her friends’, but it wasn’t my pain yet and it wasn’t until I got older that I got to understand the meaning of the song.”